Siglent SDG6000X Series Waveform Generators

Frequency: 200MHz, 350MHz, 500MHz Models| Channels: 2 | Max Sampling Rate: 2.4GSa/s

  • High-performance sampling system with 2.4 GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution
  • Dual-Channel, 500 MHz maximum bandwidth, 20 Vpp maximum output amplitude, high fidelity output with 80 dB dynamic range
  • EasyPulse circuit lowers jitter and increases pulsed performance
    • Create baseband and IF IQ modulated waveforms (optional)

The Siglent SDG6000X series of dual-channel pulse/arbitrary waveform generators feature up to 500MHz bandwidth, a maximum sample rate of 2.4GSa/s and 16-bit vertical resolution. They also include proprietary TrueArb & EasyPulse technology that help to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating arbitrary, square and pulse waveforms. In addition, the SDG6000X is a multi-function device which can generate Noise, IQ signals and PRBS patterns. These features enable the SDG6000X to provide a variety of high fidelity and low jitter signals, meeting the growing requirements of complex and intensive applications.

Model Max Output Frequency Max Sampling Rate Vertical Resolution Waveform length Channels Price
SDG6022X 200MHz 2.4GSa/s 16-bit 20Mpts 2 £1,173.00
SDG6032X 350MHz 2.4GSa/s 16-bit 20Mpts 2 £2,599.00
SDG6052X 500MHz 2.4GSa/s 16-bit 20Mpts 2 £4,059.00


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