Sensepeek - PCBite

Sensepeek AB is a privately owned Swedish R&D company founded in 2015 with an engineering focus on Mechanical, Software and Hardware solutions. The company is based in Vellinge in south Sweden and has since 2016 focused on making great development tools for R&D.

Sensepeek also offers original design manufacturer (ODM) solutions and re-branding of the PCBite solution with manufacturers in Sweden and Asia. R&D, assembly and quality control in Sweden. Direct sales through resellers and web shop with third part logistic centre in Sweden.

Products Coming Soon:
Sensepeek4010 (Cable Accessories PCBite Probe) –
 Cable holders in total eight colours (4 new) to colour match more Oscilloscope channels. Also includes 2pcs ground hook, 2pcs 10cm and 2pcs 5cm ground cables.
Sensepeek4014 (SP200) – 200MHz Handsfree Oscilloscope Probe.
Sensepeek4016 – PCBite Kit with 2x SP200 200MHz Handsfree Oscilloscope Probes

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