6011 Sensepeek 2x SQ10 probes for DMM (red/black)

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6011 Sensepeek 2x SQ10 probes for DMM (red/black)

Two complete handsfree SQ10 probes with one red and one black probe (positive and negative) packed together with a set of red/black banana cables intended for connection directly to a multimeter or power supply.

The new SQ series of handsfree PCBite probes from Sensepeek are insulated, come with included color-coded cable holders and have a lower point of gravity making them even more stable compared with the original SP series of probes.

All the loved features of handsfree measurement, exchangeable fine pitch spring tipped test needle and the minimalistic design is maintained to make traditional sized and handheld probes obsolete. All handsfree probes from Sensepeek makes instant measurements or long triggering sessions a breeze.

No more soldering wires to connect your probe or complicated tools to setup, just positioning the probe needle on any test point or component in the signal path and release.

Saves time and frustration during development, verification and repairs. The minimalist design and the spring-loaded test needle makes it possible to simultaneously measure on fine pitch components and nearby signals.

Both length and weight of the SQ probes are perfectly balanced to be used with PCBite PCB holders and base plate which is a must for handsfree function.

The probe holder comes with a powerful magnet in the base, as for all PCBite probes and holders which makes the probe easy to place and reposition.

The SQ series of probes can be used handheld without the probe holder as they have an insulated grip but their full potential is used when measuring handsfree.


  • 2x SQ10 probes and pin tipped test needles (red/black)
  • 2x Banana to dupont test wires (red/black)
  • 1x Set of cable holders (red/black)
  • 2x Extra test needles

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SQ10 Probes User Guide

Sensepeek 6011 SQ10 Probes User Guide


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