Siglent SNA5000A Vector Network Analyser

  • Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 4.5 GHz / 8.5 GHz & 100kHz to 13.5GHz / 26GHz
  • Setting Range of Output Level: -55 dBm ~ +10 dBm
  • Dynamic Range: 125 dB
  • Support 2/4-ports S-parameters, Balance Measurements, Time Domain
  • Support Q-factor, bandwidth and Insertion Loss

The SIGLENT SNA5000A series of Vector Network Analysers have a frequency range of 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz, which support 2/4-ports scattering-parameter, differential-parameter, and time-domain parameter measurements. They are effective instrumentation for determining the Q-factor, bandwidth and insertion loss of a filter, featured impedance conversion, movement of measurement plane, limit testing, ripple test, fixture simulation and adapter removal/insertion adjustments. The VNAs have five sweep types: Linear-Frequency mode, Log-Frequency mode, Power-Sweep mode, CW-Time mode and Segment-Sweep mode. The SNA5000A series VNAs also support scattering-parameter correction of SOLT, SOLR, TRL, Response and Enhanced Response for increased flexibility in R&D and manufacturing applications.

Model Frequency Range Ports Frequency Resolution Range of IFBW Dynamic Range Output Level Range Price
SNA5002A 9kHz – 4.5GHz 2 1Hz 10Hz ~ 3MHz 125dB -55dBm ~ +10dBm £5,840.00
SNA5004A 9kHz – 4.5GHz 4 1Hz 10Hz ~ 3MHz 125dB -55dBm ~ +10dBm £11,238.00
SNA5012A 9kHz – 8.5GHz 2 1Hz 10Hz ~ 3MHz 125dB -55dBm ~ +10dBm £13,008.00
SNA5014A 9kHz – 8.5GHz 4 1Hz 10Hz ~ 3MHz 125dB -55dBm ~ +10dBm £19,203.00
SNA5022A 100kHz – 13.5GHz 2 1Hz 10Hz ~ 3MHz 125dB -55dBm ~ +10dBm Please Call
SNA5032A 100kHz – 26.5GHz 4 1Hz 10Hz ~ 3MHz 125dB -55dBm ~ +10dBm Please Call

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