Siglent SDS1104X-U 4CH, 100MHz, 1GSa/s, 14Mpts Super Phosphor Oscilloscope

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Siglent SDS1104X-U Super Phosphor Oscilloscope

The SDS1104X-U is a 4CH, 100MHz Super Phosphor Oscilloscope and has a maximum sample rate of 1GSa/s and a maximum record length of 14Mpts. For ease-of-use, the most commonly used functions can be accessed with its user-friendly front panel design. The SDS1000X-U series employs the well-known SPO (Super -Phosphor Oscilloscope) technology that provides excellent signal fidelity and performance. It comes with an innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter, and a waveform capture rate of 400,000 frames/sec (sequence mode). The SDS1000X-U also employs a 256-level intensity grading display function and a colour temperature display mode not found in other models in this class. SIGLENT’s latest oscilloscope offering supports multiple powerful triggering modes including serial bus triggering. Serial bus decoding for IIC, SPI, UART, CAN, and LIN bus types are included. The X-U models also include History waveform recording and sequential triggering that enable extended waveform recording and analysis. Another powerful addition is the new 128k point FFT math function that gives the SDS1000X-U very high frequency resolution when observing signal spectra. The digital design includes a hardware co-processor that delivers measurements quickly and accurately without slowing acquisition and front-panel response. SDS1000X-U also supports searching and navigating. The features and performance of SIGLENT’s new SDS1000X-U cannot be matched anywhere else in this price class

  • Bandwidth: 100MHz
  • Sample Rate: 1GSa/s (One Channel), 500MSa/s (Two Channels), 250MSa/s (Four Channels)
  • Channels: 4
  • Memory Depth: 14Mpts
  • Waveform Capture Rate: 100,000wfm/s (Normal Mode), 400,000wfm/s (Sequence Mode)
  • Trigger Type: Edge, Slope, Pulse Width, Window, Runt, Interval, Dropout, Pattern, Video
  • Serial Trigger and Decoder: IIC, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN
  • I/O: USB Host, USB Device, LAN, Pass/Fail, Trigger Out
  • Probe: 4 x Passive Probe PP510
  • Display: 7-Inch TFT-LCD (800X480)
  • Weight: Without Package 2.6kg; With Package 3.8kg

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Acquisition System
Sampling Rate (Max.) 1 GSa/s (One channel), 500 MSa/s(Two channels), 250 MSa/s(Four channels)
Memory Depth (Max.) 14 Mpts
Peak Detect 2 ns
Average Averages: 4,16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024
Eres Enhance bits: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3
Sin(x)/x, Linear
Channels 4
Coupling DC, AC, GND
Impedance DC: (1 MΩ±2%) || (11 pF ±2 pF)
Max. Input Voltage 1 MΩ: ≤400 Vpk (DC + Peak AC <=10 kHz)
CH to CH Isolation DC-Max BW :>40 dB
Probe Attenuation 1E-6X ~ 1E6X
Vertical System
Bandwidth (-3dB) 100 MHz
Vertical Resolution 8-bit
Vertical Scale (Probe
1 mV/div – 10 V/div (1-2-5 sequence)
Offset Range (Probe
1 mV- 200 mV: ± 2 V
206 mV- 10 V: ± 100 V
Bandwidth limit 20 MHz ± 40%
Bandwidth Flatness DC- 10% (BW): ± 1 dB
10% – 50% (BW): ± 2 dB
50% – 100% (BW): + 2 dB/-3 dB
Low frequency
(AC coupling -3 dB)
≤2 Hz (at input BNC)
Noise ST-DEV ≤ 0.2 division (<2 mV/div)
ST-DEV ≤ 0.1 division (≥ 2 mV/div)
SFDR including
≥ 35 dB
DC Gain Accuracy ≤ ± 3.0%: 5 mV/div-10 V/div
≤ ± 4.0% : ≤ 2 mV/div
Offset Accuracy ± (1%* Offset+1.5%*8*div+2 mV): ≥2 mV/div
± (1%* Offset+1.5%*8*div+500 uV): 1 mv/div
Rise time Typical 3.5 ns
Overshoot (500 ps
< 10%
Horizontal System
Timebase Scale 2 ns/div-100 s/div
Channel Skew <100 ps
Waveform Capture
Up to 100,000 wfm/s (normal mode), 400,000 wfm/s (sequence mode)
Intensity grading 256 Levels
Display Format Y -T, X -Y, Roll
Timebase Accuracy ±25 ppm
Roll Mode 50 ms/div-100 s/div (1-2-5 sequence)
Trigger System
Mode Auto, Normal, Single
Level Internal: ±4.5 div from the center of the screen
Hold off range 80 ns- 1.5 s
Coupling AC
Noise RJ
Coupling Frequency
DC: Passes all components of the signal
AC: Blocks DC components and attenuates signals below 8Hz
LFRJ: Blocks the DC component and attenuates the low-frequency
components below 2 MHz
HFRJ: Attenuates the high-frequency components above 1.2 MHz
Accuracy (typical) Internal: ±0.2 div
Sensitivity DC – Max BW 0.6 div
Jitter <100 ps
Displacement Pre-Trigger: 0 – 100% Memory
Delay Trigger: 0 to 10,000 div
Edge Trigger
Slope Rising, Falling, Rising & Falling
Source All channels/AC Line
Slope Trigger
Slope Rising, Falling
Limit Range <, >, <>, ><
Source All channels
Time Range 2ns- 4.2s
Resolution 1ns
Pulse Width Trigger
Polarity +wid , -wid
Limit Range <, >, <>, ><
Source All channels
Pulse Range 2 ns – 4.2s
Resolution 1 ns
Video Trigger
Signal Standard NTSC,PAL,720p/50,720p/60,1080p/50,1080p/60,1080i/50,1080i/60,Custom
Source All channels
Sync Any, Select
Trigger condition Line, Field
Window Trigger
Window Type Absolute, Relative
Source All channels
Interval Trigger
Slope Rising, Falling
Limit Range <, >, <>, ><
Source All channels
Time Range 2 ns – 4.2 s
Resolution 1 ns
Dropout Trigger
Timeout Type Edge, State
Source All channels
Slope Rising, Falling
Time Range 2 ns – 4.2 s
Resolution 1ns
Runt Trigger
Polarity +wid , -wid
Limit Range <, >, <>, ><
Source All channels
Time Range 2 ns – 4.2 s
Resolution 1 ns
Pattern Trigger
Pattern Setting Invalid, Low, High
Source All channels
Limit Range <, >, <>, ><
Time Range 2 ns – 4.2 s
Resolution 1 ns
I2C Trigger
Condition Start, Stop, Restart, No Ack, EEPROM, 7-bits Address & Data, 10-bits Address & Data, Data Length
Source(SDA/SCL) All channels
Data format Hex
Limit Range EEPROM: =, >, <
Data Length EEPROM: 1byte

Addr & Data: 1-2byte
Data Length: 1-12byte

R/W bit Addr & Data: Read, Write, Do not care
SPI Trigger
Condition Data
Source(CS/CL/Data) All channels
Data format Binary
Data Length 4-96-bit
Bit Value 0, 1, X
Bit Order LSB, MSB
UART Trigger
Condition Start, Stop, Data, Parity Error
Source(RX/TX) All channels
Data format Hex
Limit Range =, >, <
Data Length 1 byte
Data Width 5, 6, 7, 8-bits
Parity Check None, Odd, Even, Space, Mark
Stop Bit 1, 1.5, 2-bits
Idle Level High, Low
Baud Rate(Selectable) 600/1200/2400/4800/960019200/38400/57600/115200 bit/s
Baud Rate (Custom) 300-5000000 bit/s
CAN Trigger
Condition Start, Remote, ID, ID + Data, Error
Source All channels
ID STD (11-bits), EXT (29-bit)
Data Format Hex
Data Length 1 -2 byte
Baud Rate 5k/10k/20k/50k/100k/125k/250k/500k/800k/1 Mbit/s
LIN Trigger
Condition Break, Frame ID, ID+Data, Error
Source All channels
ID 1byte
Data Format Hex
Data Length 1-2byte
Baud Rate
600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bit/s
Baud Rate (Custom) 300 bit/s -20 kbit/s
Standard USB Host, USB Device, LAN, Pass/Fail, Trigger Out
Pass/Fail 3.3V TTL Output
General Specifications
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240 Vrms 50/60Hz
100 ~ 120 Vrms 400Hz
Power 50 W Max
Temperature Operating: 0℃ – +40℃
Non-operating: -20℃ – + 60℃
Humidity Operating: 85% RH, 40 ℃, 24 hours
Non-operating: 85% RH, 65 ℃, 24 hours
Height Operating: ≤ 3000 m
Non-operating: ≤ 15,000 m
Display Type 7–inch TFT LCD
Display Resolution 800×480 pixels
Display Colour 24-bit
Contrast(Typical) 500:1
Backlight 300 nits
Range 8 x 14 divisions
Dimensions Length: 312 mm
Width: 132.6 mm
Height: 151 mm
Weight N.W: 2.6 kg; G.W: 3.8 kg


Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.


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