Micsig DP20003 5.6kVpp High-Voltage Differential Probe

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The Micsig DP20003 is a 100MHz bandwidth, 5.6kVpp, high-voltage differential probe that offers excellent value for money.

Applications include…

  • Floating measurements
  • Switch-mode power supply design
  • Motor drive design
  • Electronic ballast design
  • CRT display design
  • Power converter design and service
  • Power device evaluation


  • 100MHz bandwidth
  • Maximum differential voltage (DC + ACpp) 5.6kV (2000x mode only)
  • Switchable attenuation, 200x and 2000x


DP20003 Specifications
Model DP20003
Bandwidth 100MHz
Rise Time 3.5ns
Attenuation 200X
Gain accuracy ±2%
Maximum Differential Test Voltage (DC+AC PK) 560V(200X)
Maximum input common mode voltage (DC+AC PK) CAT III 1000V
Input referred noise ≤160mVrms(200X)
≤920 mVrms(2000X)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >80dB(DC)
Input Impedance 50MΩ/1.25pF(differential)
25MΩ/2.5pF(single-ended to ground)
Output Voltage ≤3V
Over range Alarm Button light flashes
Power Supply DC  5V,USB Supply
Power 0.85W
Dimension 14.5cm*6cm*2.7cm
Input cable length Approx 45cm
Output cable length Approx 90cm

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