Siglent SAP2500D 2.5GHz High Speed Differential Active Probe

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The Siglent SAP2500D is a 2.5GHz High Speed Differential Active Probe for use with the SIGLENT SDS5000X & SDS6000A series of oscilloscopes.

    • The SAP2500D is a compact, high impedance differential probe designed to


    • meet today’s increasing demand for measurements on a variety of test points.


    • With low input capacitance and high input resistance, circuit loading is


    • With the SAPBus interface, the SAP2500D becomes an integral part of the


    • oscilloscope measurement circuit. The probe can be controlled from the


    • oscilloscope’s front panel. The oscilloscope provides power to the probe, so


    • there is no need for a separate power supply or batteries.


    Key Benefits


  • DC ~ >2.5 GHz
  • 100 kΩ Single-ended Input Resistance
  • 200 kΩ Differential Input Resistance
  • 10X Attenuation
  • 1 pF Differential Input Capacitance
  • ±4 Volts Dynamic Range with ±8 Volts offset capability
  • interface


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