Siglent SVA1000X Series Spectrum / Vector Network Analysers

EMI Option Bundle

Purchase any Siglent Spectrum Analyser and add this bundle to receive the SRF5030T & EMI Software Option for only £363.00!

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Model Frequency Range Resolution Bandwidth(RBW) Phase Noise Total Amplitude Accuracy Display Average Noise Level (DANL) Price
SVA1015X 9kHz to 1.5GHz 1Hz to 1MHz < -99 dBc/Hz 1.2 dB -156 dBm/Hz £1,580.00
SVA1032X 9kHz to 3.2GHz 1Hz to 1MHz < -99 dBc/Hz 0.7 dB -161 dBm/Hz £2,698.00
9kHz to 7.5GHz 1Hz to 3MHz < -99 dBc/Hz 0.7 dB -165 dBm/Hz £6,616.00

The Siglent SVA1000X series spectrum & vector network analysers are powerful and flexible tools for RF signal and network analysis.
With a frequency range to 7.5GHz, the analyser delivers reliable automatic measurements and multiple modes of operation: the base model of a spectrum analyser and a vector network analyser, optional functions include a distance-to-fault locator, a vector signal analyser. Applications include broadcast monitoring/evaluation, site surveying, S-parameter measurement, cable and antenna testing, analogue/digital modulation analysis, EMI pre-compliance test, research and development, education, production and maintenance.

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